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Water & Wastewater Treatment By MARTIN Systems / LIKU-TECH



With more than 40,000 installed membrane modules, LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems is your competent partner in submerged MBR filter modules for all applications.

The use of high-grade plastics (PP) and stainless steel components (SS 304, SS 316 optional) guarantees the highest quality and a long service life. The modular design provides flexibility when configuring other filter sizes.

Membrane characteristics

Material Organic polymer, PES
Cut-off limit Ultrafiltration
MWCO 150 kDalton
Nominal pore size approx. 35 nm
Maximum pore size 0.1 μm


We offer complete on-board systems for maritime applications, including
  • Vacuum systems
  • Galley water treatment
  • Waste handling and incineration
  • Tank equipment
  • Mechanical pre-treatment units
  • High-efficiency biological treatment systems
  • Membrane filtration systems
  • Sludge handling equipment
  • Food waste systems
  • Exhaust air treatment
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Remote services and maintenance

Our range of German-engineered and manufactured wastewater treatment systems provides a superb effluent quality, reducing suspended solids to effectively zero and fulfilling the latest international and local requirements without chemicals consumption.


LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems is offering you a compact package system transforming sewage to clear and high quality water. The small footprint of the treatment technology enables the systems to be integrated in natural, picturesque surroundings and to treat wastewater for irrigation use.

LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems has the core technology inside the MBR which consists of polypropylene plates with a polymeric membrane on each side. The membrane is welded on rigid frame. The module reduces virus and bacteria by 99.9999 %. Filter plates are continuously aerated through bubble diffusers to keep them clean. The membranes don’t need regular chemical cleaning except one or two maintenance clearings per year.

LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems is developing compact package systems for MBR plants so that up to 1000 m³/day can be filtered in one 40-foot ISO container. The inside tanks are made of stainless steel sheets.


The AQUA CUBE is a cost effective, compact and mobile water treatment plant based on a modular membrane filtration system that enables available water resources to be used in particular purposes such as service water or drinkable water.

The AQUA CUBE is a plug and play device. It is easy to install and operate, has a very low energy consumption, and it is ready to use. Depending on the capacity and type of the plant, installation and operation is even possible without any need of electrical energy or other consumables. The AQUA CUBE from LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems is able to remove up to 99.99999% of bacteria and other pathogens out of polluted water by means of ultrafiltration filters, and make it drinkable.


Cube Mini Filters are developed as smallest filter with 0.45 m2 membrane area for household applications.

Flow at 20 °C * GDM Pump
AHF average hourly flow 2.5 l/h 5.0 l/h
ADF average daily flow 60 l/d 100 l/d
PHF peak hourly flow 3.5 l/h 7.0 l/h

* Flow characteristics are based on our experience (GDM: gravity-driven filtration). Performance may vary depending on application and raw water quality! Operation at PHF may be reached during short intervals.


PAUL is a water filter that ensures a fast supply of drinking water either in disaster areas or in rural areas. The device filters pathogens out of the water, making it drinkable and offering effective protection against cholera, typhus and other infectious diseases. PAUL can be carried by only one person as a backpack to remote areas since it weighs only 20 kg. PAUL filters at least 1,200 litres of water each day and can thus supply up to 400 people.