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Liku-Tech India references

Project Infosys - Sewage Treatment Plant
Client Infosys
Location Mysore
System Activated Carbon Filter System
Capacity 4500 m3/h x 2 (100% redundancy- Duty & Standby)
Year of Installation January 2017
Project AMAS - Sewage Treatment Plant
Client Wabag Belhasa JV WLL
Location Bahrain
System FRP Volume Control Dampers
Capacity 50mm to 1200mm (Overall 59 nos)
Year of Installation September-2017
Project Casa Rio- Sewage Treatment Plant
Client Lodha Group
Location Dombivli, Mumbai
System Activated Carbon Filter System
Capacity 6810 m3/h
Year of Installation October - 2017
Project UGDS / NRDA ā€“ Sewage lifting stations
Client L&T / NRDA
Location Raipur
System Activated Carbon Filter System
Capacity 380 m3/h / 410m3/h / 796 m3/h (3 systems)
Year of Installation Ongoing
Project Hue City Water Environment Improvement Project
Client HTC Construction & advanced technology JSC
Location Vietnam
System Frp volume control damper
Capacity DN 80 - DN 600 (179 nos)
Year of Installation Aug 2018
Project IG Petrochemical Limited
Client Envirotec
Location Mumbai
System Wet Scrubber
Capacity 6701 m3/hr
Year of Installation Oct 2018
Project Greater Colombo Wastewater Management
Client L&T Sri-Lanka
Location Colombo, Sri-Lanka
System FRP Pipe and Fittings
Size DN 50 - DN 600
Year of Supply Dec 2018

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