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Odour Control Systems

“Breathing clean air is not a luxury, it is one’s need. It is the most important natural resource that should be taken care to live.

The introduction of the harmful substances to the atmosphere causes harm to all the living organisms creating worse scenarios” Our Odour Control systems can treat the highly polluted air streams to eliminate 100% odours allowing municipal & Industrial process to operate well within the Government regulation and to comply with. Our solution provides the best protection to the people, plant equipment, neighbourhood & environment due to high aggressive gases. Our state of art technologies brings the full range of process including high aggressive odour treatment and waste gas management for domestic & industrial applications. A global provider of advanced and integrated systems for air and water purification.

Water & Wastewater treatment

Water is the vital resource on which all life is based. LIKU-TECH/ MARTIN Systems guarantee the highest level of wastewater treatment with innovative membrane filters. LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems ensure that water is free from pathogenic microorganisms, contains no environmentally harmful pollutants and is cleaned of turbid matter that could affect quality. In this way, the water can be reused thus saving natural resources.

With the experience of more than 40,000 membrane systems installed in the fields of marine, municipal and industrial water treatment, LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems has managed to make membrane technology economically viable for world-wide applications. Highly qualified and dedicated experts in the areas of research and development, production, sales, commercial and technical handling as well as our comprehensive after-sales service guarantee the success of our products.

LIKU-TECH/MARTIN Systems has the core technology inside the MBR which consists of polypropylene plates with a polymeric membrane on each side. The membrane is welded on rigid frame. The module reduces virus and bacteria by 99.9999 %. Filter plates are continuously aerated through bubble diffusers to keep them clean. The membranes don’t need regular chemical cleaning except one or two maintenance clearings per year.

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